Kerala Honeymoon

October 2, 2009
You’ve planned a long walk with your love for the locale that is exotic, but not to drill a hole in your wallet, right? Or are you just tied the marriage bond, and want to experience privacy in the lap of nature on your kerala honeymoon.


In any case, it may be your destination of Kerala, a green strip of land in the foothills of the West Gat in the south Indian peninsula.

Kerala presents an all-in-one geographical features. There is everything from the station on the hill of plants for all tastes. Perhaps the wise thing in May is an example for all of the main hill station in the east, Midland adventure sports, coastal and romance or a quiet night, holding communion with the moon above sailboat above and below the water splashes.

Pools are formed when seawater to meet the fresh water of the river hills. Small though this place, blessed with 40 rivers, many of them are perennial. In Kerala, they represent canals, lakes, lagoons and estuaries. The entire network includes five large lakes linked by canals of 1900 km, 900 miles are navigable. Most of them are natural, however, there are also channels of a man.

Kerala is one of 50 “must see” for the life of the chosen destinations National Geographic Traveler. Why?

This linear strip of green land is regarded as a dowry paid to the spouse of the Arabian Sea, India. She is beautiful beyond words, and when you swim in the boat sparkling plants, hand in hand with your lover, you suddenly know why.

When the ship slipped into the night you hear is the lapping of water on his body, and many songs of the nightlife of water and cicadas, the orchestra you’ve never heard before, having lived in urban centers.

7-day backwater tour operator First SLS allows for a tour without hassle free trip where you are supported from the moment your plane lands makes the Kochi International Airport. The trip includes the heart of plants, Cochin, Kumarakom, Alleppey and the nature of the local fortified Kovalam Beach.

The best part of the agreement when you are traveling in the house are tastefully decorated, boat, floating home containing everything you need. You and your love can help cook or boat to Cook candy, a drink or two and then drink in the fascinating charm of Kerala has decided to water. It is heavenly, something as part of a beautiful dream. At night, it’s nice and kerala honeymoon is the best.

Once you start to Cochin, the port city of Kerala leading, you were in the southern region where most Trivandrum is Kovalam Beach. Speakers rocks forming the kind of fort to the ground and the constant sea breeze Take Your Love to higher spheres. The beauty is that people you do SLS Travel by road is 250 miles to catch your flight. Trivandrum airport is located nearby, and you can get in touch with a flight to return home.